Identify emerging consumer trends and innovations that are shaping the Australian drinks industry.

Gain a competitive advantage by embracing disruptive digital and social media innovations to increase brand interactivity and engagement.

Understand best practices in cultural alignment among organizations.

Explore effective sustainability measures in managing water, waste and energy management to reduce CO2 emissions.

Learn how to showcase your product with smart and intelligent packaging using smart technology like AR, AI, Blockchain and IoT to drive consumer engagement.

Adapt winning formulas in alternative packaging to grow your market share in the Ready-to-Drink (RTD) market.

Examine the use of Equity Crowdfunding to raise funds and brand awareness at the same time.

Strengthen your omni-channel retail strategy through the use of Big Data and AI to drive profitability through better consumer insights.

Uncover the strategies and initiatives behind the liquor retail banner groups that are championing successful independent retailers.

Visit our Digital Champions Hub. Stay up to speed with the latest digital technologies, evolve or create your e-retailing strategy, and find out how to make your business digitally enabled.

Dive deep into your category of choice by customising your own agenda and registering for Wine, Beer and Cider or Spirits and Cocktail streamed sessions presented by industry experts.